Why send your child to child care Mango Hill


Recent studies indicate that children who attend day care for a year or more are well behaved and have better cognitive abilities than kids who stay at home with the parents or caregiver. Most of the parents feel guilty about sending the child to a day-care. They are worried that the child might be traumatized by the separation. Also they are concerned that the childcare would expose the children to physical illnesses. However parents can take some sort of reassurance in the fact that children who attend day care are better behave and have a strong immune system as well.

A study tracked more than 1400 children from birth to eight years of age. Each of the children were divided into 3 group. The first group comprised of children who attended a quality day-care. The second group comprises of children who looked after by caregivers at a home based child care and the third group was of children who stayed at home with their parents.

They found that children who attend a high-quality day care for a year or more were less likely to have high levels of emotional distress and peer problems. It was also observed that they showed better cognitive and language skills compared to children in the other two groups. The study concluded that an access to high-quality childhood education in the early years of the life help improve the children’s emotional and cognitive development.

Why should child care Mango Hill be your first priority?

There are a number of reasons to trust mango hill child care. There is a smaller children to care provider ratio. It is important that there should be a separate care giver for every five children. This allows children to have the undivided attention of the caregivers. Also the one on one communication enables children to become more confident and develop trust with the individuals who are looking after them. Children tend to be more contented and happier.

Parents should also know that the caregivers present at Mango Hill childcare are proficient in looking after young children. They have the necessary training and experience of dealing with very young children.

A good child care is a stepping stone towards kindergarten school. Children are made to perform a variety of activities which include beading or stringing. They are also taught pouring into different containers. Each of these activities help develop their fine Motor skills. This comes handy during the time when they are learning to write alphabets and numbers.

However it should be kept in mind that child care is not just about learning alphabets and numbers but it entails a great deal more. With the right caregivers your child not only develop the confidence and learn the important interpersonal skills.

Make sure that you do the necessary research before enrolling your child at a child care Mango Hill. If possible do visit the child care centre in person and take a look at the surroundings to get an idea of how they take care of the children.

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