How to make your way around an art supply store


if you are a beginner artist, you might know that a trip to an art supply store can be quite expensive. Even if you are out shopping for just one item you can easily make your cart full. These are some habits which can be hard to break and quiet difficult for artists especially beginners who need to watch their budget.

With the difficult economy these days everyone is facing it is important that you become budget conscious. However it is also important that you should not scrimp on the quality of the products that you use. On the other hand smart artist know that they should be on the lookout for awesome deals on art supplies. This might take a little bit of time and research but you can easily get whatever you want and make your way around an art supply store without any difficulty.

Be a loyal customer at an art supply store

If you are a frequent customer at any of an art supply store you can get a discount offer because you are repeated buyer. You can get a store credit and in fact you can always pay them back when you have enough money. If the store doesn’t offer any such deals you should be on the lookout for  a store which does.

Don’t buy too much paint

Artists are often guilty of buying too much paint. If you keep the paint for too long it might be wasted unnecessarily. Even if you are using paint you should make sure that you’re only take sparing amounts. you should only mix colors as you go and you should even try to reuse the paint which you have mix for your previous works.

Make use of coupons

If you use a coupon you can save money from everything like a paint thinner to the fiber tape pens. You should definitely avail the coupons which are offered by the major art supply stores. It is easy to find things these days and you just need to go to a store and type in coupon on a search engine and you would be completely amazed by the number of results that show up. The old fashioned technique of looking for discounts in the newspaper is not a bad idea either.

Try stretching your own canvases

It is a known fact that canvases are quite expensive and this can cause spot a problem for artists. If you want an artist you can learn to stretch your own canvas it will also help you to save the money and allow you to experiment as well. Even reuse old canvas. Just cause you do not like what you have worked on earlier doesn’t mean that you should throw  it away. You can easily use a canvas by flipping it over or even priming it with gesso.

Try bulk buying

An artist who knows how to store their stuff properly can keep  things for years. When you buy in bulk you also get decent prices and higher profit when it is time to sell your pieces.

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