Course in educator and assistant for children


The course is divided into sections dedicated to the theoretical disciplines, concerning the technical-scientific area, the technical-operational area, the socio-cultural area. Classroom lectures, seminars and thematic workshops are held where students can experiment concretely in practical, experiential activities and learn artistic and creative techniques.

Throughout the training course the figure of the pedagogical coordinator will be illustrated, his role, his characteristics and necessary professional skills which is of extreme importance for the good performance of a structure for children, as responsible for the service by a educational, organizational and managerial point of view.

The course aims to help future school operators to implement the indications of the New Guidelines in a rational and flexible planning of children’s life and learning.

It also allows each child to continue the cognitive aspect, moving from the first forms of spontaneous conceptualization to more systematic knowledge, free from context and direct experience. The work will be supported by suggestions and operational indications, moving from children’s concepts to “cognitive maps”.

This new model of “educational programming” becomes an irreplaceable guide for teachers in the delicate and complex work aimed at realizing the aims and objectives highlighted by the new regulations and also allows them to design functional curricula for the goals.


DURATION AND ATTENDANCE: The course will have a total duration of 30 hours. The course will take place at the Salerno Formazione office on a weekly basis for approximately n. 2 hours lesson.

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