Australian Druze Community

About us

The Australian Druze Community (ADC) is a non-profit organisation working to provide a community which nurtures personal and spiritual growth, practices inclusiveness, celebrates and affirms individual and collective commitment to community service and social justice.

It is the mission of the ADC to work with committee groups which do not have political affiliations and do not discriminate against others within the Druze faith, to provide basic education for the Druze children within Australia. We are committed to raising funds in the local chapters for supporting short-term and long-term endeavours regarding the Druze faith.

Our main objectives include:

  • The consolidation of the Druze Faith among the Druze community throughout Australia.
  • Promotion of goodwill among members and non-members of the Druze community.
  • Providing conveniences and a meeting place for the community which can be used by members and their guests.

Our main objectives include:

  • Increase membership every year.
  • Expand adult and children religious education programmes.
  • Maintain an atmosphere of fellowship and continue to provide a caring community.
  • Attract the next generation of young adults and young families.
  • Make our Druze Hall a greater presence in the larger community.